Design Process

"To design a shoe is an
extremely difficult operation."

To design a shoe is an extremely difficult operation and it must follow precise rules, whether it’s a sneaker or a stiletto. The both have functions and peculiarities that cannot be missed.


This is the first step and probably one of the most important. This is the phase that allows us to understand the brand, its positioning, target price and consumer as well as the reference markets, and competitors… The necessary and fundamental information for a correct design process. A synergic work, made of ideas and information mutual exchange with the customers.


Following the elaboration of the information exchanged during the briefing meeting, a series of concepts and style proposals are developed on paper, for an initial customer evaluation. Based on such proposals, customers will define, together with us, the lasts and soles to be made for each master proto for each different line commissioned.


This phase includes the technical execution of the collections: lasts, soles, uppers… The Studio will present to the customer a perfectly wearable shoe prototype, totally made by hand: the master proto for each line commissioned.
Part of this phase includes also the execution of plastic shells, to provide the factories, technical proportions of each style developed together with the colored renderings and material specifications.


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